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I love this guy, he says he does too. He's honest, but I can't bring myself to believe him. What do I do?

Published on May 5, 2009 by sarah lau

Okay, so. I really love this guy, a lot. And, he's a really honest guy. But, the thing is, when he says he likes me back too. (He says 7.5/10, 'cause I asked him to rate how much he likes me, because the words 'i like you a lot' just don't go well with me) I want him to really like me as much as I love him. But, I'm not the pushy type, and he's not into dating right now, I think. Last time I asked was a couple months ago. Anyways, I found out from my friend he likes another girl from another school, and I was devastated. So, I texted him and asked and he was like 'What?' And I asked again, and he texted back saying "Maybe, why?". So, I called him and asked and his answers to me are always 'Maybe, sure, somewhat, fine, I don't know, perhaps, I don't care...?' (Not just this question about him liking another girl, but whenever I ask him something, he's like that) And yeah. That's when I asked him to rate me after I asked. Do you like me a little bit? Him: Yes. Then there was a bit of a pause. And he added "Maybe a lot more than that" :] I was so happy. Lol. But, yeah. Sorry, off track >< Anyways, I want to believe he likes me. But, I'm just wondering if he's saying that to make me feel better. I'm pretty much the blunt type of girl, except when it comes to a guy I really like/love. And I have asked him and said "You're just saying you like me to make me feel better, right?" And he says "No. I really do like you." It's kinda complicated. But, yeah. And, he's very honest. Ask anyone I know. He won't sugarcoat anything. He'll say it as it is. But, how can I say he's very honest, and yet I don't believe him when he says he likes me too? I'm so confused D:

Love, Sarah (Windsor, Ontario)


I find that when I ask my husband if he loves me, it doesn't mean as much as if he says it on his own. Of course, he doesn't say it on his own as much as I want him to. Sometimes I have to go by what he does. So, how is the guy treating you?

You believe him and stay in the relationship or move on if it is not working for you.

I agree with the other comments, it means more if he comes to the words on his own without your coaching. You cant force someone to have feelings for you. You have to let them be themselves, after all isn't that what attracted you to him, him being himself?

@ BookMama: Well, what's your idea of treating someone? That's the key question, really. Okay, so first off, I just have to say I'm in high school. Not a love drama thing. So, with that cleared up...

I'm always the one to go up to him, and ask him for a hug, and then we talk briefly. But, I blush, he smiles, etc. And then, HIS FORM OF COMMUNICATION is when we're in Geography together, he hits me, or taps me on the shoulder, and I turn around and he smiles. And sometimes, we joke around in class. But, that's pretty much it. :[ I talked to him on MSN and stuff a couple days ago, and I asked 'What would you do if someone asked you if you would talk to them more often?' and he replied with "I would talk to them more often.' And I asked "What would happen if....I asked you that?" Then he joked with probably ignoring me but he said "I'd talk to you more" so I asked "Could you talk to me more?" And he said "Yeah" And I was happy. But....I don't know. I got off topic again. I'm so sorry. I just like adding detail. Okay, but he treats me kinda differently from everyone else. Boy and girls included. I always thought that he treated me like everyone else, until I asked my friends how he is, and they tell me he's loud and crazy with them. And I slowly realized, I'm practically the only one he treats with: shyness, quiet, smiley. :] But, I think it's 'cause I make him uncomfortable D: