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i lost the love of my life and want him back

Published on June 29, 2013 by bhg030

Heres a summary of what happened:

So I fell madly and deeply in love and was in a relationship with my now ex for 2 years. We travelled together and did long distance for one year and because everything was so perfect I decided to move over to be with him.

Fast forward one year our relationship started to change for 3 just wasnt the same and this is because he began wanting out. and then we broke up. I knew he didnt have the same strong feeling for me anymore so i brought it up and then he told me the truth and ended things. I tried the no contact but after one week he emailed me and i jumped to reply and we met one week later and it was really nice.

It's been one month now exactly since we broke up and i saw him last weekend on the saturday friend and i decided to message him to meet with him in the club. when i got to the club we were both drunk and i started dancing with another man and he got slightly jealous and began to dance with me. he told me he loved me numerous amounts of times that night and that he missed me everyday and we ended up sleeping together.

The next day i met up with him to discuss things he was reluctant but i insisted. he told me he didnt really mean what he said but alcohol brings out the truth and that he couldnt see me for a while because he was still sexually attracted to me-and thats all what he has for me sexual attraction and doesnt want anything.

I told him not to tell anyone about us hooking up for two reasons firstly gossip (we have a lot of gossiping mutal friends) and because i have a date in a few weeks and i dont want things to spoil my chance of moving on. he got angry about the date but then acted he didnt care.

we then ended up sleeping together that night.

we agreed the sex is always good but he just wasnt in love with me anymore and didnt want to try things again because it never works (it didnt work with him and his ex).

Its now been a week since and hes done the facebook clean and deleted almost all our pitures on facebook except for a couple.

We truly had the best relationship probably one of the best...everyone was so shocked about the break up because how good the relationship was. the reality to why we broke up is because i had quite a stressful 3 months and had forgotten my self...i have now found myself and i thanked him for the break up because it brought myself which i lost in the last 3 months back. I believe the end of our break up is due to the complications in my life ( i lost my job and was quite down about it) . but ive sinced picked myself back up and focusing on me. im now doing the no contact again.

I really want him back hence to the no contact ive been told its the best thing to do to have a chance again.

Is there anything else i can do? we have a holiday booked together in 6 weeks which he still hasnt cancelled (the tickets are booked under my name and he hasnt contacted or mentioned me regarding the cancellation).

Do I have a chance? will he ever miss me? what can i do to make him come back? why did he delete all our photos?

my biggest fear is that hes quite strong minded and im worried he wont change his mind?

ive been missing him everyday and still believe hes the love of my life and know that if we got back together we would have to start a new relationship and that it would be amazing again.

i just need him to miss me again.

Please any advise-can i win him back?


also how long do i leave the no contact for? right now im gonna leave it until he contacts me and then reply in my own time. we also still have things to sort out like he still has my bike and i have some of his belongings which ive only just found and he has some of my work computer files (we already did an exchange of things). im sorry this is so long!

Well, at some point you would have to contact him regarding the trip you’re both scheduled to take. When you do, keep things low-pressure. Don’t sleep with him; that just complicates things unnecessarily. See if you can build a friendship independent of your former romantic relationship, and let things continue to build from there. If it turns out that resurrecting your relationships isn’t meant to be, then remember the person you have since rediscovered, and be strong on your own. Good luck.