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I know it's over; just don't know how to end it!

Published on June 5, 2010 by in denial

I have been in this relationship for 4 yrs now and the first 2 were great! 3rd depressed; 4th I know im our it. When is she going to get it, she says she going to let me go, but never does. That's just this year. I live with her my son,niece and her mom. I'm just NOT in love anymore. I never got over my ex. There's more to the story just want a input on the little I can tolerate with out having to break down.


You have to be the strong one. Don't stick around because you want her to be the one that ends it. Make the decision and stick to it. Do you have an "escape route"? Meaning, do you have somewhere to stay, or a safety net of friends and family? I had the same situation a few years ago, and stayed and stayed and stayed. The situation got worse and worse and worse. Finally, I just packed my things and left. End of story. If you're done with your relationship, then be done with it.