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I know he is the one but he cheated on me what should i do ?

Published on January 7, 2010 by missin_him

He means the world to me i have never loved anyone more. we live a few hours away now and we don't get to see each other very often. i was haveing so family problems and i felt so horribkle that i couldnt be with him while his uncle was in the hospital he said he needed me . I believed him... when we were together it was magic i never questioned what i ment to him he treated me ike a godess, and ladies let me tell you he was my king. on new years my cousin was mad at him and told him off i told her to stop but she dont listen and she got a text message from a number she didnt no and this is what it said...." This is Tokes girlfriend can you please leave him alone we just want to be happy." that broke my heart and then i texted him and he didn't even have the nerve to text me back we finally talked like really talked without argueing for the first time tonight im so inlove with him and everything we have shared and been threw i no he has to have some love for me right ? I feel so lost with out him . I miss him and my daughter playin in the liveing room the way he held me kissed me i miss everything. when we were together it was like all my troubles went away the only thing in the world that mattered to him and i was my daughter and us . should i fight for my man? should i just let him go? what am i to do ? someone please help me...


You say that you "know" he's the one, but does he think or feel the same way towards you? Or ever have?

If he's the one and lets say he feels the same, then he would have never cheated on you. You can go ahead making yourself think that he's worth it fighting for, but the one thing that will always stay in history is that he wasn't faithful to you.

The one reason why men cheat on their woman is because he's not getting sex from you. If a man doesn't get much sex as he would like from the woman at home then he'll go somewhere else and get it. The girl whoever he cheats with is nothing to him. Men have sex to release stress, not only that, he finds your sex life boring; nothing new. The same thing over and over again.

IF you really believe he's worth fighting for then go ahead, do what you can. Just remember that the reason he's with another girl is because she's the opposite of you. Example: You're boring she's exciting, you're vanilla she's Rocky Road, you follow every rule in the book as a goody tu shu she breaks the rules and doesn't let anybody push her over. Get the hint?

So you either get him back work things out after he cheated on you or let him go or go over the grieving process and find another better man.