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I kissed my best friend's boyfriend!! What do I do?

Published on May 9, 2010 by maybell

We were all drunk at a party. I ended up walking home with my best friend's boyfriend who has been my friend long before they got together. We got carried away and did a little kissing (plus a lot more), but we didn't have sex!! I am feeling so guilty.... Do I tell my best friend? She'll probably break up with her boyfriend and not want to talk to me anymore and all our friends will be furious at me. Is it the right thing to do when more people will be hurt by it? Please answer!!


Yes, you need to tell her. This wasn't just a simple kiss. This was "and a whole lot more", and being drunk doesn't excuse this kind of behavior. Your friend deserves to know that her boyfriend cheated on her so she doesn't stay in the relationship under false pretenses.