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I have no sex drive. Whats wrong with me?

Published on October 25, 2009 by heatherrider

a few months ago things just changed. i went from having sex with my now husband daily. now the poor guy is lucky to get some once a month. sex just seems like a huge task. and i have no desire to have sex. i've spent lots of money on over the counter vitamins and pills to boost libido and sex drive but nothing has worked. what is wrong with me? medically i'm told there is nothing wrong with me that hormones can just change. i'm 23 no menopause, i have not had children, no change in my birthcontrol. why this? i'm a newly wed and this is making things hard.


This is not as uncommon as you might think. It is also a big problem. Men feel betrayed and played when this happens. The first thing are you on ANY medication? What are the side effects of such if any? Many medications have sexual side effects. Are you concerned with pregnancy? What were the priorities in your life and what are they now? How was the sexual experience before and now? Make sex a the important part of the day. Is there a type of sex that you would like that you have not brought forward? Is it the same each time? What was it before being married?
Put your mate first! There may be conditionals that were internalized working here: rules that you were exposed to long age that have come as their own Manchurian Candidate now that the conditions have been met.