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I have never felt like this before - about a girl.

Published on December 10, 2012 by wiskwisk1830

Hi, I have met a girl at university. I pulled her in a night club on a night out once and then i pulled her the week later. After pulling her the second time we started seeing each other quite alot, at first i wasnt that mad about her. But recently we havent talked for a few weeks and it fucking killed me, i literally couldnt stop thinking about her to the point i couldnt sleep. she was always on my mind, i couldnt stop thinking that she doesnt feel the same way about me. the time we spent together was great and i just dont understand why she doesnt seem that interested. I dont really have anyone at uni to talk too about stuff like this yet and i was looking for some advice. Thank you

p.s I posted this in women so i could get a womens opinion