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I have a female friend who repeatedly gets mad at me for no real reason- all of a sudden- BAM! I'm in the dog house????

Published on February 6, 2010 by tobyhendrix

It usually happens when there is a group of us out at the club or somewhere else. Everyone is having a conversation and such and then- before I know it, she is ready to hit me with a bat.

In replaying the last couple of instances, I have either been talking with or about a female outside of our group of friends.

It is supposed to be a platonic relationship- I am suspecting that she has different ideas. Am I in left field?


I t sounds like she likes you, but she doesnt know how to tell you,or she knows your just not that in to her. Are you all drinking when your at the club? If so this could attribute to her reaction when you talk about other females. I would suggest that you call her or get her by herself and ask her why she reacts this way. If she does in fact have different you may need to clarify your how you view the relationship. If she does like you she may not take the news to well, but its not fair to either of you to continue with the assumptions.

It sounds like she does like you but isn't good at expressing herself. If you don't have any feelings for her besides friendship, you should be upfront with her about her behavior since it's bothering you. Tell her that you aren't really comfortable with the way she behaves and you don't want her to have any mixed feelings about your friendship with her. If she isn't willing to tone down her behavior it's going to end up ruining the friendship.