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I have autism and my girlfriend has down syndrome also its long d

Published on November 7, 2011 by the flood100

Hi i have autism and my girlfriend has down syndrome. We both love eachother very much also its a long distance relationship. Unfortinaly to make matter worse my family is moveing to florida which will make it EVEN longer distance. She has strict parrents and we are only alowed to hold each other's hands and we can't kiss sit on each other's laps eta. I REALLY love this girl and want to marry her. We are much like eachother and like the same stuff. But how can i be sure to keep her? And the best thing with this girl is she likes who i am and i don't have to pretend to be "cool" or" gagster" or whatever wired normal girls like. Also she is not afraid to fart around me eta.


If you both function at the same level and really love each other and have the support of parents, this would be nice. Are her parents in favor of the relationship? Would they be open to marriage?

Yes they seem in faver of the relationship but they "want to take it slow" idk how you can do that in a long distance relationship (phone don't count apparently). Idk if they wou,d let us marry and they keep changing thir mind of letting her live with me in the future. I can go in public and act like i don't have autism. She acts silly but i like her that way. She is very sweet and kind and pretty but not "lady like" althugh i prefer a girl that isen't afrait to fart and burp eta.

If you are both over 21 and you have some way to support yourselves, I see no reason why you shouldn't go ahead and marry. Are there other factors you haven't shared yet? Something is bothering you about her parents' reaction. What do you think is worrying her parents?