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I hate when my boyfriend drinks. What do I do?

Published on January 21, 2013 by tortie457

We have been dating for a 1 year & 1/2 and he has always loved his alcohol. Before we met, I know he was a crazy drinker and partier, and I do give him credit for slowing down since we've met. But I have gotten worse with handling his drinking to the point where I actually feel sick when I see or know he's drinking. And he knows how I feel. He tells me he loves me all the time and I believe him but he won't change his drinking habits for me. He drinks usually about 3 days a week but when he drinks, he usually has at least 8 beers and he gets drunk. I have told him so many times how it makes me feel and he said he doesn't care and that he won't stop. I guess I just don't get how alcohol is more important to him than a happy relationship. At this point, arguing about drinking all the time has worn me down. I do see myself with him for the long run and we talk about marriage oftern, but I can't continue to feel like this. What can I do?


He's an alcoholic and always will be - do NOT have anything further to do with him unless and until he agrees to join a support group and give up drinking. Make that non-negotiable term for your staying together. If he won't agree to it, or doesn't stick to it, ditch him and be glad to be rid of him.

At this point, I'd be even colder and harsher and say ditch him anyway. Why tie yourself to damaged goods when there are so many other good men out there?