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I hate him.

Published on November 2, 2013 by h@nn@h

I have been having sex with the same man since 2006, I was married for 9 years prior to this relationship. Two years into our relationship we decided that we wanted to be monogamous and stop using protection, so we went to the doctor got tested for STDs, compared results,got the all clear and went full steam ahead (no protection). After about the 3rd time we had unprotected sex I developed some blisters and went to the doctor only to find out the I had contracted genital herpes, which this dude has known that he had for like twenty years. After I confronted him he pretty much told me that he was sorry and that it was an accident and that he wasn't going to beat himself up for what he did to me and he just missed his meds a couple of times. Well I am still having sex with this man because I would rather commit suicide than A. give this to someone else or B. tell someone that I have this disease. I want to to move on but I feel like I am just stuck and I don't know what to do. I hate this dude from the bottom of my soul but what do I do?


First of all, don't have sex with someone you don't like. Go to the doctor and see what your outlook is for your health and sexuality going forward.

Would you rather kill yourself emotionally by sleeping with someone you hate than just move on?

It sounds like he might have done this on purpose since you didn't know for two years, and he took his meds long enough to get a clean STD check and then magically it appears. This guy is a creep. Have enough respect for yourself to not participate in a relationship with him on any level.

-YourTango Expert

In many cases you can press criminal charges and certainly civil suit against someone who lies to you about their STD. Talk with a lawyer. Don't let trash like this get away with it... You trusted him to tell you the truth. You told him the truth...