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i had sex with my best guy friend and i don't know what to do ?

Published on May 31, 2011 by maha

i had sex with my best guy friend and it's was the first time for me and he it not the boyfriend material ,now we acting like nothing happened and i don't know what to do or what to say to him .


Can you tell him that you're feeling awkward and you don't know what do say?

What do you want to say? Are you wishing he would act more romantic about it? Do you think you don't want him for a boyfriend? Do you want to say you don't want to do it again?

What would you want him to say to you?

I have to be honest with you...your relationship with him is forever changed. I guess you already know that. It's difficult to separate your emotions from sex, and sex is usually with someone that you are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with. Why did you have sex with him? Is it because you WANTED him to be your boyfriend and didn't know how to make it happen? Were you anxious to lose your virginity, and wanted it to be with someone you are comfortable with?

I agree with TImoteo. I also can relate to your situation. I had a crush on one of my guy friends since high school and we reconnected after a tragic loss of a mutual friend. At the time I was engaged to lets call him J. Long story short J left me and my guy friend who I had a crush on for years was my cruch. He was there for me every step of the way. Well one night after he got off work (he was a bartender at the time) I was drunk and we had sex. It forever changed our relationsip. We did date for a few months but i realized I liked being friends with the person, not intimate. I left the relationship and it broke his heart he was head over heels for me. I felt bad

Acting as if nothing happened is not a wise solution, since its essentially a lie. Being honest with each other about both what you think and how you feel is best. Even if your friendship dissolves, you will feel lighter for having spoken the truth and letting yourself be vulnerable with the truth. You say he isn't boyfriend material and you may be right, but I wouldn't discount that possibility just yet and certainly not until you both have talked openly and honestly about what happened. Have a romantic relationship with someone who is already a close friend actually has a much greater chance of lasting than relationships that didn't start that way. I suggest you both read the book "Truth in Dating" by Susan Campbell. Read it together and discuss it together. The primary focus of the book IS about dating but it applies to ALL relationships. I wish you well.