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I had a one night stand with a guy, so can I ask him not to tell anybody???

Published on January 5, 2010 by mistake14

I have slept with him twice now spread out over two years. I just slept with him last week, and Im starting to worry about how many of the same people we do know. I was a complete freak in the bed because I was WASTED! I am starting to regret the whole thing, and I would really like it if no one finds out. At least not details. Is it okay for me to ask him not to say anything to anybody??? I don't want the reputation of being a whore. Sorry if that was rude, but I really am not usually like that.


Being "WASTED" and sex with someone other then your spouse, long time boyfriend/girlfriend, or someone you don't know well enough is never a good idea. Being "Wasted" had nothing to do with going to bed. Maybe, it had something to do the way your presented yourself and what you did? Sounds like you were either a complete sexual animal, which anyone would love, or tried somethings you had been wanting to do for a long time. Hope you enjoyed your moment sounds like it might have been fun. Now to answer your question. Sure you can ask him, but what makes you wonder if he will talk now? If you have been to bed before and nothing has ever been said in the past most likely nothing will be said this time. You can,and maybe you should ask him. Any guy worth anything will not spread this around anyway. Is there hope for more? A longer closer relationship? Just a good time when needed to fill wants and needs in life. He probably has the same needs to.