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I like this guy a lot but....?

Published on October 11, 2009 by sweetiepie

I've been seeing this guy for just over a month now, we're not gf and bf, he wants to date me a little so he can get to know me better and see if we can get into a formal relationship together.

Last night we went to a comedy club, I won tickets to, and he brought a date with him. I was kinda shocked, cuz he told me he wasnt bringing a date.

Anyway I dont know what to do. I have already layed all the cards on the table with this guy. He knows how I feel about him. (I told him that I really, really like him). But I'm still unclear how he really sees me. I asked him a couple days ago how he thinks of me and he thinks im fun. He also said that he considers us close friends, Whatever that means, he goes on about how he needs to know me more before we get into a relationship, but yet Im a close friend?


To get right to the point, he likes you but wants to play the field and just date different women at once so he can then decide where the greenest grass is. That would be ok IF you had both talked and agreed to that.

Personally speaking I'm against dating more then one woman at a time. On one hand, your not bf and gf so he has the right to date who he wants. At the same time, how he is choosing to conduct himself is pretty sad really and not at all respectful to your feelings.

He knows how you feel about him and yet he shows up at the club with another woman? That to me is pretty sad, if I were you I would have laughed at him and just walked out. Once he asked you why, I would have made it clear that he should have been more respectful of your feelings.

He has a right to date who he wants but again I don't care for his actions. I would ask yourself if he is really even worthy of friend status let alone someone you would want for a relationship.

For some people, monogamy isn't assumed. He may like you and want to pursue a relationship, but there is no commitment between you two and therefore it seems like he is going to keep on dating.

Don't discuss feelings, discuss specifics. Tell him what dating you looks like. If you two go on dates, you expect him not to date other people and not bring dates to events.

Some people see situations in a different way and commitment should never be assumed. You need to move beyond talking about your feelings and take actions. Either you decide to date this guy or don't, but if you stay in this in between place he is just going to do his thing and you are going to take it personally and get hurt.

i've been in this situation before and it ended out really bad, i not only lost a person i liked, i also lost a friend because she was indecisive and she couldn't choose over who she wanted to be with, i personally would straight-up ask the person how they feel and its up to them to be honest or not, if you feel that he isn't, then that's his fault, but if they actually wanted to be with you, then they would have said something about that go with your gut, because sometimes the heart is clouded with with fear, distrust and other things that cloud your judgment...go with your instincts, not your my opinion

well I think he might have been testing you, right? who in there right mind brings another girl on a date...... unless they are trying to initiate a threesome ! you should have started hitting on the girl until she pulled away from you (or didnt) then you would have had him eating right out of your( intentionaly left blank) . goodluck falling into that again-- better luck next time.