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i like a guy 6 years older than me..... :S

Published on July 9, 2010 by fiercewoman

i am 17 years old and i really like my bff's brother who is 24 years old.... he likes me back.... we made out once and almost every day we kiss.... he always flirts me and show his intrest.... we made a talk one night... i told him that i really like him,, his answer was "i like you too but am 6 years older than you you are very mature for your age and i really enjoy your company and also you are my sister's best friend you have the same age and is kinda akward for me... i dont wanna tell you that we will never have a releationship or stop making out.... just let the things take their own way....! i really cant see the age differnt as a problem.... my ex bf was 26 and we were really happy i dump him i was i really good girlfriend.... i dont look like my age everyone think that i am 18-21.... please tell me what to do....HELP>>>>> S.O.S


Well, the age difference is a problem because you aren't 18. A fact that it seems like this guy is all too aware of. So it does pose a legal problem for him a problem for your parents and his parents. Think about it from that point of view. Also, the fact that he wants to keep making out with you and isn't willing to commit to you, should be a HUGE warning sign that he isn't viewing you as girlfriend material. He is viewing you as a fling. Sure 6 year age differences can work, but not when a guy is clearly using you.

Listen to Lyz on this one! You are only 17 years old and you have NO business whatsoever going out with 24-26 year old men! You need to find someone your own age. I don't care how mature you think you are. Don't try to be an adult before your time. God has someone more appropriate for you out there so just be patient and wait on His timing. I'll be praying for you.

Aww! That's A) SUPER DUPER SWEET! and B) That is also completely inappropriate. I get that older guys are way better than guys at 17. I mean, seriously, 17-year- old- boys are idiots. But it is against the law for an adult to have a romantic relationship with a minor. I know, it sucks. I had a thing like this, too. You just need to accept the circumstances and grow the relationship that IS appropriate. It works, trust me. And if you guys stay serious, maybe you WILL have a future!