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I forgot how to date.

Published on September 6, 2012 by anonymous

I'm 22 years old and I'm single. I just got out of a relationship about 4 months ago. Ever since then I have been dating challenged. I am not good at talking good at talking to guys, so  I basically forgot how to date am not a big fan of nightclubs or bars because most of the guys there just want to hook up for the night and dump you like a hot potato. Anyways, do you have any suggestions as to where and how I can meet a cute guy and hope that's not a jerk? I need help.


Dating is always a work in a progress. With each new person you become involved with, you are constantly adapting to each other's ways of living. Some people prefer text, while others prefer the phone. Some will only email and others don't even have a cell phone - yes, it's true!

When heading out into the dating world, it's always best to stick to what you know best. Do you enjoy certain hobbies or activities that can put you around other singles who may want to mingle? Have you joined local social groups in your area through MeetUp or Singles Nights Out? There are a lot of social groups dedicated to singles which are outside of the bar and nightclub scene.

Have you looked into online dating? There are a lot of safe, secure dating services that also provide matchmaking advice and dating tips. You can follow Twitter feeds and become fans on Facebook, and find useful information to help you become more comfortable with putting yourself out there.

Don't give up! Just remember that while you are looking for someone who is more relationship orientated versus one-night-stand driven, your age group may lean towards the latter. Give yourself some time and expand your social circle through social groups, and eventually, you will find your cute guy - although we can't guarantee the 'not a jerk' part!

Good luck Finding Your Plus One!