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I fell in love with the new computer technitian in my school

Published on March 22, 2013 by white1995

hi im in year 12 and just about to graduate from high school. during my art class a technitian came to fix the printer, he's about 22, and we just started to talk for about 3 hours. we talked about a lot of things and i fell for him. now, its important to say that its not like me to like a guy after a second. i only liked one guy. and those are not my hormones. its his personality that made it happen...i only liked one guy in my life... what do i do? my feelings are strong and i dont know what other oportunities i have to talk to him? i dont want it to look random as well if i tell him how i feel after i graduate. i would like to get to know him more so we will know each other better and hopefully he will fall for me to.


p.s if the look matters its not a problem in my case.. i think.


well you're 12 years old this cant really be love specially that he's older so dont think about it cause if he said he feels the same way then baby you have to know that he's playing on you so just forget about it a charming guy would come one day and make you realize how stupid you were, and perhaps make you forget this guy

May_Dz - read more closely. She's not age 12 - she's in grade 12 and about to graduate high school.

white1995 - You are presumably 18 or so, and are pretty close to being considered an adult. Wait until you graduate. For him to become involved with a student WILL send parents of students balisstic if they find out. With your age, I don't think he'd get in legal trouble, but he would almost certainly lose his job over it.