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I feel so insecure about my small boobs, because of my ex!

Published on September 1, 2010 by sillygirl2757

He made several comments which didn't help with my insecurity. Like he'd comment about hot celebs, I asked him if they were hotter than me and he said yeah. I asked him if it had to do with their breasts and he said that "slim girls with big boobs are every guy's ideal type, physically". He said it had something to do with fertility or some other BS. I'm really fertile despite my small breasts, so IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!

I lost some weight once, and he commented how my boobs had shrunk and asked me if there was anything I could do to "restore" them. I said no. He said then maybe I should consider implants.

He knew how insecure I felt, and he told me not to worry that he liked them anyway, and that he was more of an ass man anyway. But the damage had been done already.

Now I get jealous every time I see a busty chick wearing cleavage, and all the attention they get. I don't care if they're jerks and it's the wrong kind of attention, but I wish I knew what it feels like to be desired by most guys!

I also read these articles on a psychology site, which means there are scientific claims that back this up:

http://www.psychologyto sex/200911/men-s-breast -obsession-and-women-s

http://www.psycholog n/201004/why-do-breasts -mesmerize/

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I feel so self conscious, I met a new guy recently and we've made out but when I think about getting naked with him if anything further happens, I freak. I just don't think guys can get turned on by the sight of my breasts, which sucks.It's very obvious that guys like big, not TOO big, but big, in the C-DD range.


Well I have been marred to my sexy wife for almost 30 years and she is an almost A size and I really love them. So now to what your jurk Ex said it is not true that slim girl with big boobs are ideal unless your a pig that walks upright like he was at least thats what I gather from your start and if he was a butt man he wouldnt have noticed your boobs cause I am a butt man. Now some thing real to think about you shouldnt judge yourself on your body look because a real man with true love loves you for you not you boobs and here is something funny to think about how would he had felt after he said you have small boobs if you said thats cool you have a small dick. Please dont let a man like that make you feel insecure and think about why they are stairing at the big ones and why are the by themselfs.

You ARE a Silly Girl! Your EX is a complete ass! Is is NOT every guy's fantasy to be with a girl that has large breasts. That is strictly reserved for the shallow and insecure guys who were bottle-fed. The perfect breast is one that has a nipple attached to it. Period. The breast can then fulfill it's function if it so chooses - feeding an infant. It is your beautiful mind makes the woman.

If you start looking at a man's body, you will find the same insecurities regarding penis size, body odor, big feet, hairline, etc.

From a medical standpoint, I would much rather be responsible for the quality of a breast examination of a woman with an AA cup than a C cup or beyond. Your likelihood of finding breast cancer early during your self-exams is much greater than if you were "big boobed". So please enjoy what God gave you and avoid men who judge in the future. They are NOT worth your time.

By the way, I'm a nipple guy - just for the record.

How sad that your ex was so insecure that he criticized you because of it. Clearly he wanted a relationship with a woman with large breasts. But instead of being responsible about it breaking up (in a nice way of course) he blames you for it!

It really stings to hear someone criticize something about us that is part of who we are. But part of the reason your ex's comment stings so much is because you have, at least in part, let his criticism in, instead of letting it roll off. In a culture that idolizes women with big breasts, it can be difficult to think positively about yourself if you don't match the culture's ideal breast size.

You have value and will be a gift to some man who understands, accepts and appreciates that there is no one else on the planet quite like you. Get support from friends that care about you, who value the unique you no matter what the size of your breasts are. Give yourself some time to grieve over this loss, then go out and find someone who is worthy of your unique talents and gifts.

I hope this helps.

Well you have a few male responses and let me weight in as the first female response. I'm not busty by any stretch and not flat either, however I understand how you feel when all you seem to see around you in magazines, stores, on TV, women with fake boobs or Victoria Secret selling you bras that make everything pop out. There is an obsession in this country by the media and perhaps male generated, that the best parts of a woman are her boobs and butt. Not true... All the previous men's comments were right, you ex was a jerk. For someone to be that mean is pathetic and I would encourage you to do whatever you need to do in order to feel good about your self.

If you decide to try some new lingerie, head to a store that can help you select products that will enhance what you have and see how you feel. You may find that a few new intimate apparel pieces will do exactly what you want and give you the look you want. Why do you think Victoria Secrets comes out with so many new products..? For all of the women who want to look and feel their best...nothing wrong with that.

No one should judge you and however you decide to go forward in your life, you must feel your best and love your femininity.

If you have a good therapist to talk to, I would encourage it and I wish you the best. When you feel good about who you are, you will attract the man in your life who loves you regardless of weather you have A's, B's or whatever. That's only a fraction of the total you.

I think a lot of men have answered this concern of yours right. Yes I'm a typical male animal and do notice breasts. but in reality and I think many men have the same feeling is the desire to be able to somehow to be able to suck, envelope a woman's whole breast into his waiting mouth to let his tongue explore all the beast at once and be able to kiss and suck those nipples. Been with some women with small breasts (and loved it,) but awesome nipples after they're give TLC (tongue licking caresses) HMMM! Some men myself included may not be so well hung and receive similar comments as you but again a lot of that is visual (who said women are not visual creatures, lol) and in the end the comments are 'it's just right', orally and for penetration (bounce it off those side walls and 'G' spot ) . I know not every one agrees and this is not the topic (I digress). The time to be critical and only to yourself is before it develops into a relationship, after that it's your breasts and they should not be compared to anyone's else's and the man should be intoxicated with. ( I think king Solomon said that under inspiration),,,,,,(probably the most intense relationship with a woman I've had was a woman who described her's as two fried eggs ,hmmmm the most delicious , sexy ,erotic fried eggs . sorry to be so verbose but I really feel strongly about if you choose the woman for a meaningful and intimate relationship whatever she has you should be intoxicated with or question your sincerity about your feeling about this divine creature we affectingly refer to as a woman.