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I feel itchy and discomfort everytime my hubby ejaculates inside me?

Published on October 7, 2010 by cjk908

The feeling gets worst after a day or so, sometime I have to use monistat. It ruins the moment since I have to ask for him to pull out before climax. Any suggestions??


Instead of trying to treat yourself with monistat maybe you should go to the doctor that way you can enjoy the intimate moment with your husband..

It sounds to me that you might have a fairly rare condition wherein you are allergic to your husbands semen. It is extremely important that you confirm this diagnosis and start treatment early as the condition tends to get worse with continued exposure. Intercourse with a non-latex condom (silicone) she provide temporary relief but if you plan a pregnancy in the future, you need to get on top of this problem now.

There are treatment centers throughout the USA if you live in the US, Google "semen allergy" and you should find a center near you.

Best of luck but you should do very well with proper care.