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I facebook cheated

Published on September 28, 2013 by poolef

I facebook cheated and my husband found my messags....I have ended everything but he is totally hurt. We have been married 11 years, he has always browsed online and flirted and I guess I got tired of it....obviously I'm not good at it. I think I want to stay together, he has confided in his mother and I have to see her tomorrow....kinda nervous...what should I do? Call her first and apologize?


Wow. How did that go? Its not really her business I would not have involved her. I can tell you from my point of view I found more than innapropriate messages on my boyfriends Facebook and I was crushed. It REALLY hurt. I felt betrayed and just plain worthless. I couldn't understand why he would invest time into that rather than me. What are you missing? Is sex not exciting anymore for you with him? Maybe you need to invest in spicing up what you have rather than seek attention elsewhere? Watch some porn together or go to a bar and take turns flirting with others. But do not commit to a relationship and then seek attention elsewhere. It sucks but if its meant to be you have to treat someone with the same respect you deserve right?