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I don't understand him?

Published on February 27, 2014 by hunnybunny6385

I am dating a guy from work and I say dating because he lives 2 hours from work and may sometimes only be in once a week and I am not looking for anything too serious so what it is suits me...well it did!!

Its been going on 8 months or so, but since Christmas time he has changed!! He started to go quiet around Christmas...I asked what was up and he kept saying nothing and work was getting him down. He behaviour would pick up for a day and then drop off again!

To cut a long story short between then and now we have had a constant battle as I keep asking whats's like all of a sudden hes gone from having time to appearing to be pre-occupied!

I know this because I admit I have stalked him on Whatsapp and discovered his activity is quite frequent from betwenn 7am-11pm at night. Some days more than others but he's there alright. Now I only monitored this prior to noticing a change, but nothing to say its new and wasn't there prior to December...perhaps I just didnt realise.

Anyway I MOST DEFINITELY cannot let on I stalk him...he would be so freaked out as anyone would! So I went about it by saying "it feels like you have someone else on the go and I am just second best"

Well it caused a stir and off he went. Baring in mind I accept he is VERY busy with work...he went to the extremes of sending me essay texts saying hes embarrassed to say it but his behaviour change may be down to fact he's falling for me and doesnt want to etc. He sent so many deep and meaningful texts about how he isn't seeing anyone else despite coming across as a ladies man etc. I have had a constant go at him throughout and I feel if he didnt like me he wouldn't have stuck it out.

Like this time I said its definitely over and hes won me back round and said he's going no where. I am literally so confused I need advice as to whether boys go to such extent if they weren't bothered?

E.g. tonight he text to say he was horny and wanted some I sent soe flirty/dirty messages but he was constantly between Whatsapp and texting me?! I cannot confront him about this...but why would he have someone ese but swear blind he has feelings for me, and send all those messages about missing me, having feelings, after all the crap he still this lookin like lying or could he be smitten?

I literally don't know what to do for best