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I don't know whether he is hiding something from me

Published on December 1, 2013 by confused-vit

My fiance told me last night that he is going to a farewell party for a work colleague. I am not invited, so he got picked up my another work friend and his girlfriend and is now at the party. I don't know if this is him hiding something or if the woman who is having the party told him not to bring me. I know there are both men and women at the party. I don't know if it is work members only because his driver's girlfriend also works at the same place. Also he told me last night about the party; "BTW I'll be busy around lunch time tomorrow," but he said he has known about the party for a week. I couldn't sleep last night feeling unwanted, and worried. Now, I'm at home alone, worried because he said he was just going for a beer and to say goodbye, because I told him I was upset about this, but it has been almost 3 hours and the party is only a 10min drive away. Is this him keeping me away? or am I worrying for nothing because it may be work members only?


I don't know if he has done anything that would make you distrust him. If he hasn't in the past, you are probably over reacting. A man needs his space some times from his woman. It's just the way it is. What I'm curious about is the work party. Usually significant others accompany their spouses to social parties. They usually won't if the party is a networking party with professionals. It wouldn't hurt to ask why you are not invited. The unknowing is what is driving your fears. Ask the right questions and give him the benefit of the doubt, unless he's done anything that is cheating.