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I dont know if i want to stay with him anymore

Published on September 8, 2010 by balbie

I been these relationship for 6 year we broken up for 1 year we got together I was happy but not really I guess because we have a 5 year old boy and his is the only child I am 25 and his 30 year old I feel like my relationship suck we don’t spend time together because he always working 24/7 day week . when he does have a day of is every 6mothn and when he does stay home he sleep or not talking to me or having sex but I feel like now that I am 25 year old and I really don’t want to leave like these in my relationship I do want to leave but my son and him love each of course that’s his father. but he don’t even spend time with him as often. I know he have to work I but I work and I still have time for my son. we try to speak to him he say that his going to change but I feel like that a line the guy always use and they never do it I want to leave I really do but I just don’t know is it bc I have son whit him? but I rather be happy then been so stress out I try to work things out but is not going nowhere. we go out and we don’t act like couple we at like Stanger. now that I am 25 I feel like I have open my eyes I been with this guy since I was 19 year he was my very first boyfriend that I have long term relationship. but I am not happy I love him. but I want to leave.


You're obviously having a hard time with this decision and that must be crappy! I think your answer is in your question, though... You said at the very end "but I want to leave." I think your heart is telling you what to do but you're scared to leave because you've been together for so long. Don't be afraid-- do what will make you happy!