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I don't know if he wants me

Published on August 21, 2013 by hannah1904

This guy and I have been having sex for 2 months, the sex is incredible!! However recently he has been rejecting sex when I ask for it but when we have sex it is still incredible and just as passionate!!

I want to know if I should talk to him, ditch him, or just stop over reacting and carry on having sex!!

He was totally in to me at the start of this 'relationship' and now it seems its the other way round. He still find me attractive and wants to have sex with me every time we see each other, how else can I make him want me more!!!!

Please help!!!


Not having anything to go by other than what you have asked, it sounds like your relationship is built on sex alone. There is far more to a relationship than just sex. Have you tried exploring common interests? Conversation? Long walks? Eating meals together? Getting to know each other? Couples who share these common interests have a good rapport and can talk about sexual issues.

Sometimes couples can be unbalanced when it comes to the amount of sex each partner wants. If one partner wants more than the other, it's often very difficult to make the relationship work over the long term.

It would be good to talk about it with your partner to see if there is a match or a mismatch.

By all means, talk to him. But before you do, ask yourself what you want out of the relationship? What are your goals and expectations for yourself and what do you expect from him?

When you talk with him, watch that you don't try to impose your expectations upon him. He will feel it and withdraw energetically and emotionally from you. Instead, listen openly to what he wants out of this relationship.

People are all different. That's what makes being in a relationship so interesting and challenging. Each partner has their own hopes, desires and expectations of what a relationship should be. Clarity within yourself and open, honest communication is critical to maintain a relationship.

Also, the sex piece is only a small portion of a relationship. It's one of the fun parts, but you know from living life that there has to be a balance between work and play. Same holds for your relationship. You are enjoying the fun/play part now. What about the rest?