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I dnt knw if I love my partner r im just with him because of are kids?

Published on February 2, 2013 by gruby

Hi... Im 20years old I being toghether with my partner for 4years in we have 2 children, Seings we were dating he would alwayse cheat on me with other girls if i would catch him he would tell me that he love me in he dirent feel nothing for them so i would forgive him then 6mnths dating the he broke up with me but we dirent knw i was pregnat 2mnths pass by then i found out i was pregnant i dicide to call him cuz he had to knw so we dicede to get back 2gether so i move in with him we would alwayse argue for any reason then when my son was born he was very happy evrything was good then when my kid was 2mnths old i found out he was cheating on me seings i was 8mnths pregnant so i left him but then i forgive him then we got back 2gether then i got pregnant from my second child, Then evrything is good but i just cant forget evrything that he did 2 me he hurt me alot so i just dnt knw if i love him no mre i just think that evrything that he has done 2 me is the reason why i feel like this i just feel all be happy with out him but at the same time i dnt knw what 2 do cuz i dnt have a job in i knw is not gonna be easy, Could you guys give me some advice please im really confuse in i dnt knw what 2 do thank you...