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I cheated, What should I do?

Published on January 11, 2014 by bdoone

Hi. So my boyfriend and I started dating November 2012, and as of right now we are madly in love. This past summer, our relationship became long distance, and I only saw him once. Now, stupidly, I knew this other guy who clearly liked me a lot. And I liked him too. For some ungodly reason I decided to have sex with him over the summer. I feel like it had to do with withdrawals from not being with my boyfriend. But now I don't know what to do. Every once and a while the memory of cheating comes back to me, and I develop this inner conflict of whether I should tell him or not. I've had thoughts of breaking up with him, but other times I think about us spending the rest of our lives together. Just to note, he has never been bad to me. I really don't know what to do at this point. I haven't told him anything.


do not tell him… If you love him, and this meant little to nothing, then YOU live with it, and spare him. My S.O. informed me last spring that he had someone else on the side, and thought I would be ok with it. It turned out to be a giant fantasy (she was a fantasy relationship, and in the end meant little to nothing to him). He instantly 'changed his mind' the nano second he saw my face, and instantly regretted telling me the whole thing. I wish I had never known. Keep this to yourself.

As much as I wish I could say to tell the truth, it's the right thing to do, I have to agree. Don't tell. I had a similar situation and although I didn't tell, I broke up with the guy because I felt so guilty even though I liked him a lot. He ended up finding out anyway and it was not pretty. I still regret it to this day. So yes, I would say if it really didn't matter and you love your bf, then it was a stupid mistake and you shouldn't let it ruin what you have. Just be very, very careful that he doesn't find out or it could be even worse than if you had just told him. Good luck!