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I cheated on my bf and he hit me

Published on February 6, 2014 by slee2423

My bf and I have dated for almost an year now. We talked about engagement and were very committed. I am in a grad school and enjoyed the attention I got from my classmates. well too much. I love my bf so much but I got carried away. My bf was never the jealousy type. He would let me do whatever I want. I guess I was frustrated with that. Why is not worried?

A few days ago, I went out for drinks with my classmates including the guy I have been flirting with. I even texted my bf that night asking why are you not worried? I am drunk at a bar with classmates. That got him worried. no surprise.

We talked the next day. I didn't want to worry him so I said I ran into the guy and ended up joining a group of classmates for drinks. In fact, I called him to meet up. My bf found out later that I lied and he got devastated. He told me that he does not want to lose me over a stupid stuff and would like to work on this. I said let's take sometime to cool off. Later that day, he went over to his friends place and had a few drinks. Apparently, all his friends thought I was cheating on him and should leave me. After getting drunk, he showed up at my door. He sat down and asked if I had slept with the guy and I said no. He slapped me. It didn't hurt but I was so shocked that he did it. He is the best boyfriend I ever had. He has great relationships with his family and friends. He made me feel like a princess all along. very affectionate caring person turned into a monster. He spat on me and called names and left. I called cops because he stole my phone. Now he is facing the assault charge.

I know he is a genuinely nice person. I just talked to him he is regretting what he did and apologized. He said he didn't mean it. He said he got carried away by his friends comments. He said I am the best thing that happened to him.

We never really had a big argument for an year. He has been a truly great bf. I heard that once you bf hits you he will hit you again. but violence is not in his nature. I feel that this was a drunken mistake. What do I do?