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I can't ride my boyfriend because his penis is too small to stay in. wat do i do?

Published on January 25, 2010 by shbrown

okayy...My boyfriend is able to please me in any and every way. When he's on top its amazing. especially when he's going down on me he is able to please me very very well. and he also loves it when i give him oral sex.but its like when i get on top it wont stay in. he never puts it in himself because he claims he can't do it. this turns me off. trust me when i say i really love to ride thats my favorite position. but because im iunable to ride my boyfriend this upsets me.. and this is something i really wanna. please someone tell me wat it is that i need to do to make this better....


If it works one way it will work this way too! You have to learn to work together on this. I love it when my wife grabs hold and puts it in. A hint when you ride stay low in the saddle. :)

Old Ted there obviously isn't a short-stop like myself. Lucky him. I'm built with a short but thick one. So when it comes time to to do various positions I'm most comfortable with Missionary. It is simply THE best there is for me, because the angle and everything is just right there. Doggy is almost equally good IF the woman is willing to arch her back and put her arms to the ground. Most women do not seem to understand how to arch their back, and try to grow themselves a camel hump. Turn your back into a cup shape, ladies, and practice that flexibility with some Yoga. This will push the vagina out closer to the edge of your butt cheeks and make it easier for him to reach in deeper.

Now, speaking to riding your partner, this is a position I really loathe. I'm a bigger guy physically, so I have some padding. And most of my partners have had some padding as well. All that padding doesn't help anyone. If you just squat on top of him, and he has a wide stance, the vagina is actually sitting a little higher than optimum. Consider the squat instead. It gets your and his hips out of the way and allows the vagina maximum contact. If you really want to ride, you're going to have to get used to 1 inch of movement and live with it. Consider he's already lost one inch from the angle, 3-4 inches are inside you, and at least 2 inches in are needed to make sure it doesn't slip out. Here's some info on squatting-

Also look at it this way... some men like jogging, others running, and some walking. And then there's some men who can do a triathlon. Maybe your last guy could run the triathlon and this one can't. You have to decide what's most important. Him performing every sport known to man, or him performing all the other ones well and you living with that? your call. Riding is really for the 7's and up.