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i cant move on

Published on March 23, 2013 by may_dz

i know him for years, we've been best friends, and i fell for him, i fell for his personality though he's not that good looking but i loved him so much. i though i'll give this 4 months if those feelings went away means it was only a crush but they never did. we got into the "friends with benefits" phase after he broke up with his girlfriend, weeks later they got back together but the phase continued, we're both a virgin, we agreed on having sex, 1st time for both of us. i felt guilty i mean he had a girlfrind and all so i told him we cant and we shall stop he knew how i feel about him i felt used but i still want him, and he loves her more. she's not really a dating type, but she got him under her spell. she actually doesnt really care about him, she got him tortured, but still he loved her. i stopped the friends with benefits thing, i still feel the same and i cant move on. now we barely talk and it kills


You will not be able to move on if you think, "I can't move on." But if you tell yourself you can move on, you will be able to break your own spell.

You can move on. People have to move on every day past one thing or another. You are stronger than you think.

Get involved in other activities that you enjoy. Find some new groups to join. has a lot of local activities you can get involved in. Meet some new people. Go out. Have some fun. Spend some time outdoors. Pick up a hobby. Get a pet. Read some self-help books or just some fun fiction. Volunteer to help someone else.

You will see your world expanding and yourself becoming happier in it. You will move on. You can do it!