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I cannot understand him!

Published on March 19, 2013 by sourin

we were best friends for about 5 years since high school. I had many bfs but he never found a gf. he hooked up several times but nothing serious. abt 6 days ago his friend texted me n told he's been in love with me all these years. I talked to him in a cafe and that was true. I loved him back so we started a relationship. we saw eachother 2 times then, n we held hands all the time, we were abt to kiss but we couldn't... but there's sth strange abt him. he seems confused. He doesn't call me much. he disappear sometimes n his phone's off! when i talk to him, he's so calm n he seems shy.. I don't know why... is he feeling bad abt the relation or think i was not the person he loved for years? if not, why is he acting like this?


Communication is really important in a relationship. We can't read each others' minds, and when we try, if we are wrong it never leads to anything positive.

We can't read your bf's mind any better than you can. The best thing to do is ask him.

If you try but can't communicate in a relationship, there is a lot of room for improvement. Think about whether you want to be with someone you can't talk with openly and build trust.