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I am so upset. Guy used me for fun and physical relation.

Published on March 11, 2013 by angel06

hi, I loved a boy very much. I proposed him for 2 times but he rejected. I was so depressed. His friend, who is also my best friend,( his age is 22 and mine is 24) told me that he loves me a lot. I am the one who teach him what love is. so he asked me to be in relationship with him. But he said we can't marry cuz our age difference. I know I was foolish that time like I said I was so depressed, I said ok to him. We were in relationship for 4 months also in physical relationship but never had sex. just kissed and slept together. then I realized its wrong and I broke up with him. He was ok with that. But later when I asked him that does he really love me? He said, Not at all. I am good friend of him that's it. He never loved me and also dint like me at all. I was so shocked. Now I am feeling like shamed of me. I was so fool, insane. My parents are looking for my marriage. and I cant come out from this. I am regretting. Plz help me, how do I face it? How to forget this.?