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I am so confused!

Published on August 3, 2013 by moi200

I met a lovely guy a few weeks ago. When we first met he was so in awe of me, and we were texting frequently. When we met up 2 weeks ago the date was perfect. We had so much chemistry, dazed into each other's eyes and spoke for ages. We both agreed that we both wanted to see each other again and know each other some more. And we kept in contact 2 days after the date, and his last text was that he always will have time for me.

However, after that, things just went silent. When I texted or called him he wouldn't pick up. This guys does own his own business and during the date he said he only looks at his phone twice a day which I understood. (I should have mentioned earlier that sometimes he replied late to my texts, but I was okay with that as I knew he was busy running his business).

However, its week two now and I texted him frustratingly asking why he was avoiding me and that if he doesnt want me to be a bug-a-boo he should just tell me whether he wants me to keep contact with him or not. Then he replied apologizing for not calling back when he said he would and said he had no reason to avoid me and that he was going through a lot right now.

I texted saying if he wanted to speak at all i am all ears and I haven't heard back from him!

I am soooo confused. Why cant he tell me what he is going through?! I dont understand how we can constant communication and chemistry to merely any contact! I really like him but I dont know what to do. I dont want to be a bug a boo


There's obviously nothing more to do! You've tried to keep contact with him you even offered to help him with what he is going through so i guess it's fair to respect yourself and let him contact you! You just met him, there's no reason to make yourself so frustrated and available. If he is the guy you think he is and he cares about you he will find time for you, if not he looses and you move on! :)