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I am separated.

Published on November 6, 2010 by dominicana86

I am going through a separation on the basis of things getting out of hand. My husband who tells me daily in text msg or in person (sometimes) he wants the marriage to work but i must work on myself and he admitted he too has problems hed like to wk on individually and then hed liek for us to eventually go see a marriage counselor..Well ive had my moments where thru the separation we still maintain conversations over the phone. Ive actually had intercourse with him. During and after intercourse he tells me things liek " PLease stop worrying everything is going to be ok" after i have cried. NOW after the intercourse and a phone call from him...i have suddenly given him the NO CONTACT Rule Treatment...i want/need for him to know that without him id survive and i dont want to be taken as a fool..I love my husband and beleive marriage is forever...thru ups and downs...weve never had marriage counseling...nor have we ever lived with just us...ive lived with him and his fam for 2 yrs.... its been 4 days without speaking to him. Im not sure if hes sleeping around...bc I DEFINITELY AM NOT...i dont think a separation that isnt leagal..means sleeping with other ppl..after all him and i have been im now here wondering whats the next step if this no contact thing will be in play for a while...eventually will will have to see eachother....for either a divorce or whatever!!!


It sounds like you two still love each other so DON'T give up on your marriage,go to counseling,do whatever it takes because you made vows to this man and they are NOT to be taken lightly. You'll both be in my prayers.

I agree with Carly. It sounds to me like you guys need marriage counselling. I'm only 19, and have never been married, but I really think that romantic relationships (and ESPECIALLY in marriage), your partner is someone you confide in to HELP you through these hard times. Go to counselling. Work on it together, as a pair, as a team, and I'm sure you'll be able to get over whatever it is you two are struggling on. Best of luck!