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I am a 27 yr old female virgin- a weird loser or just scared?

Published on March 1, 2012 by abbiebear90

I am not asexual; I know I like men and I may like women but Ihave not so much as held hands,made out,or performed oral or anal sex, let along kissed.I have never been on a real date or had significant other.I am becoming increasingly lonely and am bad or incapable of flirting. I'm not ugly but I am slightly overweight. To boot, no one seems to be all that interested in me. What can i do? I want a life with a partner but sometimes it almos feel like it is a pipe dream, like allmy peers even my younger.siblings have are married and have children. I feel cheated by myself and life. Help!


First off, do you feel pretty? If not, why not? Is it the weight? The first thing you should do is make yourself believe that you are the most prettiest person in the world. If that means losing weight then do it. Do a complete make won't be conforming into some skinny chick but losing the weight is also healthy asnd will make you feel better about yourself enough to go and and find someone. You are not a weird loser. By the way, kissing is so much fun. My boyfriend is the only one that I've ever kissed. Oh and PDA is also very fun. You need to put aside your fears and start going out there and finding someone that deserves you. Good luck.

Well, I can't tell you if you're scared or not. Are you? Are there people in your life that you find attractive? You may want to consider a looking for a well-recommended sexual therapist in your area to explore these things.

As far as attracting people. It isn't about weight or even looks-- it's mostly about attitude. I'm rather overweight and fairly average looking and have never had trouble getting dates. Why? Because I love my body and I feel good in it. It can do remarkable things and bring me pleasure. I also love men, which doesn't hurt. So if I were you, I'd start with exploring what gives you pleasure. What foods do you particularly like? What scents? What textures of fabrics? Spend at least a little time every day doing something that strictly gives you pleasure in your own body. Wear silks, wear scented lotions and use exotically scented soaps. Get a fabulous hair cut and explore different styles of fashion. Look for clothes that look good on your body (dresses with defined waistlines are great for us fluffy girls). Eat decadent foods and explore different fruits and vegetables. Explore different types of exercise. Buy a vibrator and explore that too. The point is not to lose weight or change your style because you think that that's what your dates would want, but to feel good inside your own skin.

I think that once you start to notice pleasure and gain confidence that you'll find that you attract potential suitors. Smile at strangers and don't be afraid to be noticed.