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I acted needy, have i messed it up for good ? can i attract him back like he was before?

Published on July 11, 2013 by candyxoxo

Ok so this guy came over from America for business and we had been chatting online and he wanted to meet so we met and we slept together and then he wanted to see me again nd he said he will tell me when he has free time and me stupidly the next day say "when will you see me then can you let me know" and i kept texting him and he did get annoyed so then i texted him a long apology message and i acted on emotions and not logic. I could tell he started to get annoyed and when i tried texting him casual convo he wpuld ignore me and then i wpuld ask why hes ignoring me and he would say " stop worrying everything fine" but i know its not cause he isnt speaking to me like he used to. We are both datibg other people but we wanted to see how it goes and he wants to get to know me but will he still want to after how o acted i was a needy mess but would like to see him before he goes back to America like he said he would but i think ive blown it and hes really annoyed at me i just want to see him to clear the air cause hes only seen me once. Should i leave ot untill he is next back from america and jusy speak woth him casually or should i ask him i dont want to annoy him anymore but it really hurts. I need to know what should i do to save or redeem myself? Please dont say ( move on) i will but i dont want him to think of me as some clingy mess as i came across i let my emotions get the best of me. I believe its possible as he says "we are friends" but he doesnt speak to me as a friend like he did, i know hes attracted to me so how can i regain his atttaction. What should i do i know to give him space but i want to see him before he goes how to i ask or mention it in a cool sorta friend way ? Or should i wait for his return even if its in afew months ?