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Hymen - broken or intact?

Published on April 1, 2012 by rachelbrooks

I was sexually aroused and inserted a finger in my vagina. My finger was lubricated by my vagina. I experienced no pain.
Days later, I inserted the back of a toothbrush, about 4 inches deep. I enjoyed and experienced no pain. 
But when I try to push my index finger and middle finger together inside, they go only about a centimeter inside (this is either because of my reluctantness to experience pain or some other reason),and I experienced some kind of a mildly sharp pain.
Is my hymen broken, or is it intact?

.If not, how to break it myself without pain and without any gel/lube? Please suggest.

Expert answer needed.

I shall be highly greatful.


Considering you masturbate I would guess that your hymen is broken already. Sex isn't the only thing that can break your hymen, it can be broken by playing sports or doing a very strenuous workout.

Feeling mildly sharp pain, in my opinion is something to raise concern. Sex (and masturbating) shouldn't be painful, and if it is then maybe you should see your OBGYN and ask some questions.

Thanks for your answer, but there are still some more questions. I inserted 4 pens inside my vagina, and enjoyed doing it, it all goes on well. But ONLY WHEN I insert my FINGERS, it hurts a little. I am not a too sporty person, and considering all that I said here and that I never had an intercourse, can you please give a suggestion?

Maybe you should try something safer and healthier than pens - like a vibrator. For more on healthy and pleasurable sex and vibrators see