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Published on April 7, 2010 by max

i trust mu hus for 27 y/ i pay no attention and no sex so he went to a bar with his friend who is a dog. it was a one y/ ago i fine out 1/1/09/ he said because of no att from me. i know that he said he stop the call a long time ago his friend said to my sons that he dad is moving out my hus said no to me. i trust my hus for 26y/ i lost 58 p/ and i look good . he tell me he love me but i cry so much i pay so much att and sex is so good. he call me and said we well go forward on the weekend he give me so much att.the problem is his friend. i know it was me. but now i give so mush att and sex. i want my hus back like befor he said he is no.we go away and we have so much fun it like befor but when we go home its stop why max