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hurt by boyfreind

Published on August 7, 2010 by tamarajoy26

hi..i was in a relationship for 5 boyfriend was very good when i met him but unfortunately things change. he was a wed addict who consumes weed daily atleast two joints, initially i used to fight with him to quit but he started to beat me up really bad so i stopped asking him to quit and put up with it..aftr 2 yrs of our relationship he started cheating on me..but what hurt me the most is the way he insults me and throws me like dirt when he finds a gal...he would say that he is not happy with me and that i shuld go away and find someone else.he has done this to me twice in the past...but the second gal he cheated on told me stuff like he has been talking crap about me to her like i am an orphan and he left me long ago coz i dated 3 guys at a time etc and he has promised to marry that gal as well....he promised me several times tat he would marry me and thats why i was with him.i have tried leaving him million times when he used to beat me up for dope and gals and friends etc but he always came back to me and said that he loved me and wanted to marry me and never repeat the mistakes and i went back to him but a month ago he did the same he found another gal and told me that he doesn't want me anymore and he will never marry me etc. and he avoided my calls and didnt even let me step into his house...but for the last 5 yrs i have taken acre of him like my own child and he had no gratitude for me ..he has beaten me several times in public as well for petty issues like i couldn't give him instructions to get to place, he has beaten me for asking me why he cheated on day he came home with love bites form one the gals he cheated me with and when i asked him and questioned him he beat me up ....he beat me up when i caught him cheating on me....he is verbally very abusive...abuses me and my family and for no reason...he is very irritated when he is not under the influence of weed but once he dopes he is the most loving person...maybe that's why i stuck on to he asked me to get out of his life coz of the new gal he found...i dont think i want to ever go back to him but all i want to know is that after sinning against me so much, and playing with my emotions to such a great extent and taking advantage of me...will god keep him happy? will he ever shed atleast one tear thinking of what he did to me..i have cried million times coz he hurt me physically and mentally ..would he at least cry once in his life?


I am so sorry to hear what you went through in life. The thing is we all want to be loved. And the moment we find this ray of happiness from somoeone, that he/she cares about us, we try to stay with that person because we all want to be cared for. Its sad that he took advantage of you, gave you some love but lot more abuse.

If you want the higher power to take care of him, to show him the reality of what he did to you, then you walk away from this guy without getting even with him, and leave it to the higher power to bring him to sense.