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Huge step.

Published on April 19, 2013 by robbybobby

I'm 20years old i've been with my girlfriend seen's i was about 13years old. I'm still a virgin and she brought up how, we've never had sex but i'm honestly scared what if its too small what too do please help.


The size of the average American erect penis is about 5.5 - 6.5 inches long (about the length of a dollar bill. If you're even within an inch of this on either side, you've got plenty to work with and are fine. When you're making love with someone, it's much more about who he is than what he's got.

The important thing is to not feel rushed into having sex - don't do it until both you and she actually want to and feel ready for it. Yes, your first time will be awkward (doubly so if she is alsso a virgin), just as it is at any endeavor. If/when you do choose to become sexually active, please be careful to always use effective birth control.

Hey man, glad to hear you have discipline for that many years while the rest of us guys couldn't control ourselves.Lol. What I think your concerned about is quite normal and here's why: We guys can worry and be critical of ourselves when we're young and inexperienced. Please know Most magazines and porn sites don't hire the average Joe with a normal size penis. They look for abnormally huge guys who have naturally been blessed. The industry hires them to be sex actors or models. You should know these men are not the majority. The average woman wouldn't even want to test their vagina on some of those guys either even if the guys made them blush... Your likely thinking too much man. You can get overwhelmed and ridicule yourself by judging yourself and comparing yourself to every guys in the magazines on porno's or what you see on the internet. It can make many guys intimidated and feel inadequate. There are a great many qualities a man needs when it comes to pleasing a woman, and having a big "Johnson" "Pecker" or whatever, is one thing, but knowing how to use it is another. Relationships don't survive based on having a big penis. Women like security, not to be cheated on, or a guys who is so head string and cocky that really cares about them and how they feel. Sex is not a selfish act and once you get to that place be assured that a woman is not going to pull out a ruler and measure you. so get out of your own head because we all underestimate ourselves- its a guy thing