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how would you test your partner to see if he trust you?

Published on April 18, 2009 by genele

I want to see if my boyfriend trust me but i don't know how and which way i should go about it.Please give me some advise about this.


OK. He is your boyfriend. So ask him if you can trust him. If he says yes, leave it at that until you have reason not to trust him. Should he trust you?

Test are the same as mind games. Don't you know that most guys bomb our test? They don't think or act the same. Most importantly they don't trust and love the same. Don't play mind games. Play games, then why should he trust you? Oh wait...he can trust you to play games!

wow. Why would you test him? That is completely disrespectful to do. If he says he trusts you take his word for it and just live your life. Everyday should be evidence of his trust in you. And nothing ruins trust more than testing someone's trust. That's just needlessly messing with him.

I agree with the others, all of this is just a sick mind game. You shouldn't "test" someone. Basically it sounds like you're wanting to know just how much you can get away with.