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How will you know if your friend sees you as his future partner?

Published on June 6, 2010 by simplyme

I have a long distant friend for around three years already. I met him on my sisters wedding, ever since then we talk every night online specially on weekends we talked online until morning and we dont even get tired of it. I could say that we know each other so well, how am I sure? coz we talk and share all personal things and he tells me everything, like he tells me his dark side (typical men fooling around even though he has a girlfriend and tells me details), he shares to me his passion, goals and future plans and even confide to me on things and ask my opinion on matters, we talked a lot of things even his dirtiest secrets that only me who knows everything. Im really in love with him despite of all the terrible things that I know about him and I know its really wrong coz the mere fact that he has a girlfriend and he said that he love his girlfriend so much but Im so confused, Please help me figure things out if my friend is in love with me or he just like me as a friend


You can always tell if a man loves you by how he treats you with his actions. Right now his actions are to use you as an ear for all his dark confessions, but none of this is backed up by him making an effort to see you, reciprocate the listening ear for you and through it all he is still dating someone. Right now you are part of his dirty secrets and confessions. He isn't in love with you. Any more than he is in love with the girls he fools around with. Also, don't fool yourself, if you two did date, he wouldn't treat you any differently than he is treating his current girlfriend. Terribly.

Firstly, At times thing are not the way we thought it was, he too might be crazily in love with you as you are, because if he is not in love with you, he will not be wasting his precious time chating with you all night long (a man don't waste his time on what he find immaterial).

Secondly, The reason why he is telling all his dark confessions is simply because he wanted you to understand him better. He might just be telling you all about his girlfriend and any other stuffs you find irritating, because he wanted to see how you will react to them or deal with them in your own personal ways. Moreso, he is chating with you simply because he find out that you understand him better, all that i believe you can do to save yourself from self punishment is; just ask him whether or maybe he loves you more than a just a friend (No crime in doing that, only trying to be yourself). The situation not too bad