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How will I control my self from being angry with my boyfriend easily?

Published on April 14, 2010 by shetymztwo

I always get angry with my boyfriend easily from such a very small reasons.. When he can't respond to my texts, I easily get mad at him. I don't want him to go anywhere, I just want him to stay in their house.


You need to do some self assessment. Why do you feel the need to be so controlling? Why do you resort to anger? I think you need to sort some of these personal issues out and get a handle on them. Try journaling or if you can talk to a counselor.

this happens to me all the time, but i never resort to being "controlling". all you have to do is think about the issue, is it really worth arguing and fighting over? me and my boyfriend have been together for two years, we see eachother everyday and we havent have one major argument yet. because you shouldnt even worry about the little things like him texting you back or him not wanting to talk to you long enough like you want. everyone needs their alone time and space. also, trust him or he'll leave you. i'd leave my bf if he were too possessive as well.

My boyfriend doesn't even have a cellphone, so count your blessings! I have definitely felt that way before, especially since it's so difficult to get in touch with my boyfriend. I end up getting worked up about really stupid things, like the fact that he never picks up when I call him at home, or he won't reply to my emails. What I try to do is to stop myself from getting to the point of no return. I recognize that I am getting mad and try to take a step back. I am sure there are times when you receive a text messages and you just don't feel like replying at that instance. I know that I get upset because it is my insecurity bubbling up. I start feeling like he doesn't love me (even though I know that that is ridiculous!) and that I'm not worth his time. You just need to take a minute and tell yourself that it is not a big deal, and do something else to distract yourself.

If you dont trust him enough to think he'd reply ASAP if he could, then he's probably not the guy for you.

Well hun I understand about you getting angry at him, I get angry at my Joey too, a lot but with men I have some anger issues...or in general. I have a short fuse. But I think it's different with you, to get angry because he's not answering your texts right away??? It's kind of a waste of anger. There must be a reason why you get mad that he's not answering your texts. The way you say you just want him to stay in the house, does that mean that you don't want him around other people?? It all comes down to this: Do you trust him? If not you need to learn how and if you're not willing to then you're not ready to handle a relationship. Figure out the reasons why you don't trust him and take your concerns to him, talk to him about how you feel. God luck sweetie and control that anger.