If a man cheats on you, your trust has been betrayed. He needs to earn your trust again. That means he needs to show you that he is willing, by his actions, to prove that his actions will match his words. Once trust has been broken, know that even if he re-earns your trust, the relationship has already changed, and will not be exactly the same as it was. One of the ways to get more assistance would be through Couples Counseling. Either way, you have to decide what you are willing to live with.

Hi Misstyblue,

We are so sorry to hear about this betrayal. Only you can decide if you are able to trust again. We suggest that you take time to really focus on YOU. What you want from the perspective of your true heart's desire (not what your brain thinks is possible).

Take actions that make you feel good and focus on feeling good (it is possible).

Communicate with your man with FEELING STATEMENTS:

I feel _____.

It will be difficult to navigate through this without support - either together or apart. Look to find the support you need right now with a relationship coach or counselor.

Love and Abundance, Orna and Matthew