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How to tell my partner I'm angry and upset with him

Published on January 21, 2014 by lana94

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and have been living together for almost 1 year, recently he has been saying things that have been making me really angry or upset. Such as backhanded comments about me not being skinny enough (I'm 173cm/64kgs, so quiet healthy). Also, a while ago we were watching a movie together where one of the actresses stripped to lingerie, and he txted his mate right next to me saying he should watch the because you get to see this person strip, and I was being a third wheel. I don't care that he finds other people attractive/hot, it's normal everyone does. But I think saying that while I was right there was really rude. I'm starting to get a fair bit of anger toward him, but every time I try to tell him I'm angry or upset with him, he will either laugh it off or start a fight and turn the entire situation around on me and make it my fault. He does this every time we fight until the point where I tell him I don't care anymore, we stay angry at each other until the next day then he just brushes it off and acts normal. I haven't been able to tell him I love him for a week now, how can I tell him I'm angry and upset with the things he does, but without giving him specific details so he doesn't turn it around on me?