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How to move on after an abortion and being cheated on.

Published on November 12, 2013 by pineapleyeti

After just three months of the relationship, she became pregnant. We discussed the possibilities, and decided on abortion thinking it would be the best for the all three of us. (Now we both strongly regret it, for different reasons.) After the abortion I had to go abroad for 2 months for an internship. The plan was that she would come after she finished hers' and we would travel the country together. However after one month I decided to surprise her and flew there. Only to find out she has been sleeping with her co-worker who is almost twice her age. She had a new boyfriend since and I have to see her everyday in school. I still wish for nothing else then this to have never happened however that is never going to happen. I also cannot believe that I KILLED my first child. How do I best deal with this situation?


Dear pineapleyeti,

Sorry to hear about your situation. One way to look at it is what if she had kept the child and you came home from studying abroad to find her in the same position of cheating?

I know there are feelings of guilt over the termination of the pregnancy. Just remember it is her body and her choice as well. Just be glad you are no longer tied to someone who isn't as committed to you as you thought she was.

There are probably several issues going on with her which caused her to cheat with a man almost twice her age. Either way, it is a reflection on the type of person she is and has no reflection on your character.

Learn a valuable lesson from this; grieve the loss, accept that it's done, and move forward. It's always best to use birth control with someone whom your future together with, is uncertain.

-YourTango Expert