Focus on the finding someone special, and forget about having to have him/her by Valentine's Day. Once you do find that special someone, there will be plenty of special days in which to enjoy each other.

Do NOT try to form an attachment with someone simply because you want a date for Valentine's Day - that's almost as disastrous as getting married because you want to have a wedding.

Like the response before me, don't fall into the trap of being with just anyone because of a holiday based around Love. You should meet your special someone when it's supposed to happen, not out of desperation for flowers, chocolates, or an expensive dinner. The best relationships happen unexpectedly.

If you're looking to date someone exclusively, you have all the options in the world available to you! Online dating, local volunteering in your community, public social events..the possibilities are endless. The only requirement is putting yourself out there and not putting pressure on yourself or anyone else for the chemistry to be there. Have an open mind, heart, and just have fun!