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how to keep her happy everyday

Published on April 9, 2013 by mightybigchamp

I'm trying best to improve our 17 yrs together, I feel she may not have the love she once did 17 yrs ago, I wanna come home everyday with something new for her with out overwhelming the idea, so far I come home or before I leave I make it a point to whisper something nice in her ear, or I do dishes ect, I wanna do more I miss her love


Cleaning the house, vacuuming the floors. Learning to do laundry works. Losing weight or getting into exercising helps. Buying a foot tub and placing Epsom salt and hot water in it and let her feet soak and make pop corn and watch a movie. There are many things one can do, just as long as its not TOO suffocating and the woman thinks your not acting suspicious and trying tell her something like you have a guilty

Hello Mightybigchamp,

I admire your wanting to improve your 17 years together with you wife and I accept that you believe she may not have the same love she did 17 years ago. I also trust that ultimately you would like to make your wife happy. These are all definitely traits of a 'good man.' And I think it's great you want to do something every day to help make a difference in her feelings and I admire you asking for additional advice.

When you said,"I miss her love" it sounds like she might have pulled back physically or emotionally or mentally (or two or all three) from you. What's important to a woman (and actually to a man as well) is to show them we love and appreciate them in the way they want to receive it. Often we express our love in the way we prefer to receive it (which isn't always the same way for them).

It can sometimes be tricky to figure what makes the other person feel loved and cared about. I appreciate you're making a point to tell her you love her before you go to work. I'm curious if you know if this is what she's been missing. If it's not wouldn't it be better to know what she does want so you can use your energy doing the things that truly will make her happy.

Too often women think we're being very clear about what we want and need and instead we often don't express it in language understood by men. And because the men don't usually clearly know what will make their women happy (they don't know how to interprete the words to get to the true meaning)they just keep trying things that don't work. And everyone continues to be frustrated.

There are a few key steps you can take to clearly learn what your wife needs and wants from you and it would be my pleasure to teach them to you.

Please let me know if this is something that interests you.

Coach Christine