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How to I get my boyfriend to have sex with me?

Published on January 3, 2013 by bubblesyourface

My boyfriend and I been together for almost three year and yes we have had sex before. But we have also had some pregnancy scares. Now when I try to have sex with him he won't do it because he is so scared of getting me prego. But yet I am taking birth control and we use condoms and he's still scared. Please help me, what can I do to change his mind or to have sex again cause I'm ding people.


If he's still saying "No" to sex even after the precautions you have described, he just doesn't want sex - pregnacy fears are an excuse. You could probably add an IUD and have your tubes tied for good measure, and he'd probably still be backing out of it.

I say ditch him and find someone whose desire for sex matches yours.

If he is still scared after the precautions you have tried then maybe he doesn't want to sleep with you. One of the main reasons for that is that he's cheating. But try getting really sexy for him with lingerie. Maybe even try to bring a fantasy of his to life to bring the interest back. If worst comes the worst just try a good old fashion talk and be honest.