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how to get my crush to notice me?

Published on February 4, 2013 by shh0216

So we go to the same church. I'm a year older then him. He's really cute. We don't talk, but we met at the beginning of January. My step-mom and I were talking after church. He walked up to us and started talking to her. He knows her and my dad. Anyway, my step-mom introduced him to me and he said hi Nia. I said hi back. She told him I was shy, and he said he can tell in church, and I just smiled because I'm really shy... But does that mean he's been watching me and possibly likes me back? Anyway, the next Sunday it was really packed because it was the church anniversary so I was nowhere near him. But, please help! I'm a shy underclasmen. && I really like him and plus I need a prom date. & I really really really want him to be my boyfriend. & the thing I love the most (other than his looks lol) is that he loves Jesus Christ, and that's what's most important!