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How to get him to talk to me again?

Published on April 3, 2013 by lollypop135

Basically we see each other in the gym, he asked for my number and we were talking . He always texted first and then he stopped he stopped texting as much and talking in the gym too. Now he dosent bother at all or text. So I took the appoproach of ignoring him, I saw him in the gym and did not make conversation or contact, and today he tagged me on a picture on facebook , the picture was of a mivie we were talking about a while back after about a week of not talking at all , does this mean he's interested again and trying to iniciate contact again? What should I do? Thanks 😊


He has to make all the moves at this point and work for it. If you're still interested in him, be nice but don't be easy. If he talks to you, be friendly, but keep it brief. If he texts you, be flirty, be fun, but be brief again. You should be the one to stop texting him first each time. Personally, I don't think he sounds like he's probably worth your time, but that is obviously up to you.

I would never give anyone advice to "stop texting anyone first" because for us guys that gives the impression your trying to tell us to leave you alone.

If you play too many mind games you can expect to be alone long term. If a guy spoke to you and there wasn't a negative falling out- then pursue him if for nothing else to say you are interested. Keep the lines of communication open but don't play games